Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Global Income Alliance Review

This is an review of the income opportunity called Global Income Alliance.  You might not have seen or heard about this opportunity yet as it was just launched on April 6th, 2012.  It is the newest creation of millionaire online marketer Paul Birdsall.  Some of his other income and training programs are:

My Partner in Profit
MyPIP Express
90 Day Internet Income Challenge
Worlds #1 Online Franchise

All of which have made lots of people, lots of money, over the years (including yours truly).  But enough  about his past programs, this blog post is about his newest online program called Global Income Alliance.
You can spot the Global Income Alliance ad as it will have "The First 'True' Online Franchise" stated on the top.

What is it about?  What Paul Birdsall has done with Global Income Alliance is to combined both My Partner in Profit marketing training program and the ViSalus Sciences Products affiliate program into a complete "business in a box" program, using his My Partner in Profit marketing training program to teach you how to market the ViSalus affiliate program.  Now I am a BIG promoter of the My Partner in Profit (MyPIP) marketing training program as I have been an Pro member ($49.99 a month) since August 2011.  In fact, I have used it and its marketing training to make me more money in the last 8 months, than I had made in my first 3 years of online marketing combined. 

What is ViSalus Sciences Products?  It is an Internet selling/affiliate company that has been around for over 7 years and sells nutraceutical products (you know weight loss products, vitamins, etc.).  You may have heard of their promotion called "Body by VI 90 Day Challenge".

What makes Paul Birdsall's Global Income Alliance different than all the other "business in a box" type programs?
(1) You will be joining directly under Paul Birdsall's team and will get the benefit of him advertising YOUR Global Income Alliance sign up link, in his personal professional marketing advertising campaigns.  In fact Paul is currently spending $50,000 per month in these advertising campaigns. 
(2) If you want to build your down-line even faster, you can also join the Global Income Alliance Co-op and get even more affiliates, faster. 
(3) You get the My Partner in Profit ADVANCED marketing training, with personal training directly from one of Paul Birdsall's marketing team members.
(4) Any referrals that you personally get will be SOLD on the ViSalus program by Paul Birdsall's professional marketing team.  All you have to do is put your Global Income Alliance capture page in front of people and Paul Birdsall's marketing team will do the rest for you.
What does all this cost?  The Global Income Alliance first step is to have you join the My Partner in Profit program as an Pro member ($49.99 per month).  Then you are asked to join the ViSalus affiliate program (they have three different membership levels $49, $449, and $999, with the $499 and $999 levels also costing you a $29 per month membership fee).  Of course your Global Income Alliance adviser will push the $449 option as it is the one that generates that largest income commissions for both you and your up-line members.
Have I joined? NO... I have not joined the Global Income Alliance program because I am just not into the weight loss or health product scene.  Not that I don't need to lose a few pounds as I do, I just don't want to.  And I have a hard time promoting any product that I am not really excited about.  But for the people who are into the weight loss and/or health product scene.  And have never made any money with any weight loss or health income opportunity before (including ViSalus), then Global Income Alliance is the one you want to join.  Because with Paul Birdsall's expertise, support, and training it will make you money, that is if you put any work into it at all. 
Here is a link to the Global Income Alliance program from a person, I do not even know, name Steven --
NOTE- If you Steven see this blog post, please thank me for the free advertising plug OK. 
Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck 


  1. Thank you for the information. I'm going to stick MyPIP for now. Been there done that with Visalus, not going down that road again.


  2. what happened to my registration? bought two tickets $49.95 and no responce from there. should i de-register?
    I really believed in it and still do. when will i benefit the way you claim?

    1. Philip ReitcheckJune 15, 2012 at 8:24 AM

      Anonymous, I can not help you with this matter as I have stated in my blog "I have not joined the Global Income Alliance program because I am just not into the weight loss or health product scene." and so I am not a member of Gobal Income Alliance....

  3. I am already a member of ViSalus and the product did not work for me nor people I signed up! I lost friends over getting them to join and the product did not work, In fact our friend got sick which turned out to be an over abundance of Soy in her system. Since then they hardly speak to us.

  4. Thanks for your honest review on this business and also for the comments which all help people decide whether or not Global Alliance is right for them.

  5. Thanks for your detailed and honest review.

  6. I really appreciate your review. Yours was the first one I clicked and thankfully it was an honest review and not just somebody trying to push the program.

    Thanks a bunch!!

    Super Affiliate Bonanza

  7. Hi, I am Franics and have joined GIA fairly recently. (A few months ago) I must just add that GIA is not all about Visalus!!! you do NOT have to join Visalus to be e member of GIA. There are other programs involved such as Leaders Club (which is the best program I have ever joined as you get the option of a 90 training program), you can also join Director of Ezines through them, which is also one of the best advertising methods I have found. All the sifting has been done and it is fabulous!
    I therefore just wanted to say that GIA is a fantastic opportunity and you do not have to join or promote Visalus to be a member.
    Philip, thanks for your honest review. I found it most interesting. I have been on a program with you before but cannot remember which one. It may have been PIP with Stone Evans?


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